CoffeePedia: Coffee Lesson for Beginners: Types of Coffee (Part 1)

Like human-being, there are many kind of coffee based on how you make it. It is confusing for beginners, yet, we make it clearer for you here. So next time if you go tp coffee-shop, you don't have to roll your eyes in the menu-list, and ask the barista which coffee suits you and whether it is delicious or not.

1. Cappucino
Cappucino considered as one of the famous kind of coffee. People tend to think that cappucino came from Italia, but there is another source told that it came from Austria. It is easy to love Cappucino since it is not as bitter as another kind of coffee.

Composition: Cappucino made from 60 ml espresso, 60 ml steamed milk, and 60ml milk foam.

2. Caffe Latte
Actually the ingredients of caffe latte are similar with Cappucino, but different composition. The term as use in English is from Italian "latte" which means "milk". So instead of drinking a glass of coffee, you will taste 20% coffee, 80% milk.

Composition: Caffe Latte is made from 60 ml espresso, steamed-milk 300 ml, and milk foam 2 ml.

3. Affogato
If you want to taste coffee and joy and also being full in the same time, try Affogato. Affogato is good for you who aren't coffe-addict since there is vanilla ice cream in your cup. Actually, it is not coffee. It is coffee ice cream.

Composition: You can make Affogato by mixing 60 ml of Espresso with around 90ml vanilla ice cream. Better served before it is melted.

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