Make A Good Vietnam-Drip Coffee in Your House

There is bad art, there is good art. Also there is bad and good coffee.

I never knew that there are some tricks to make a good coffee-drip. I thought that you just need a coffee (any kind of it), condensed milk, and drip bag. But someone then taught me that if you just use any kind of coffee with any kind of technique, your coffee drip will be such a spoiled drink.

Then, here are what it takes to have a good, well-drinked, vietnam-drip coffee. Because like art, coffee must be made with right steps, to not make it disastrous. Of course you don’t want tu ruin your morning, don’t you?

1. 2-3 teaspoons of Robusta
Robusta known with its bitter taste, more bitter than Arabica. Unless you want your coffee as sweet as milk, better to have Robusta. But, Arabica if OK when you just have it in your house. Make sure that you pour around 4 teaspoon of Arabica inside your drip bag/drip glass.

2. Not too much condensed milk
Condensed milk enriches the taste of coffee. But if you pour too much of it you will dilute the real flavor of your coffee and you can not differentiate it from another children's sweet drinks.

3. Pour some drops of water
Pour some drops of water in your drip bag before you pour all water in your glass. It will release the real taste of coffee and make your coffee a coffee. But don’t pour too much water, because your coffee will taste like mineral water.

4. Use a good drip bag

There are many kinds of drip bags and not all of them are in good quality. You have to choose the good drip bag that can deliver the real taste of coffee inside it and not the bad one that only release the colour of coffee. 

Choose a drip bagi with not too big, but not so small pores on it. Don’t use slight drip-bag, because the coffee-powder will be easily fall into your glass. If it is still confusing for you, choose Kyara, a good drip-coffee with high quality coffee and drip-bag

5. 1:3 proportion
You are a coffe-lover, aren’t you? But for a good Vietnam Drip, don’t pour too much coffee. A good proportion of Vietnam Drip is ¼ condensed milk, ¾ coffee. IF you pour too much condensed-milk, it will become sweet UHT milk. If you pour too much coffee, it will become, a half-espresso. You don’t want to have bitter coffee when you ask for Vietnam-Drip, don’t you?

6. Served while hot
Vietnam-drip is better be served while it is still hot enough. It will bring you such a calm sensation, and you can feel the taste of coffee mixed with condensed-milk. If you drink it when it is not hot anymore, the enjoyment of having Vietnam Drip will just disappear. You will feel like you drink a spoiled-drink, and of course you don’t want it to happens.

The most important before you do all the steps are, choose a GOOD coffee (not spoiled one), and drink it in the morning. Do not drink coffee in the evening for it may gives you anxiety and insomnia as well. Good luck with the drip then!

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