Coffee-Generation: Start-Up as A Cool Term

If you are coffee-lover in the office, especially in Jakarta, then maybe you are familiar with this term: start-up.

Actually it was a newly established business. But the term start-up nowadays refers to a less than 5 years business focusing on technology/using technology to maintain their business. It is good to solve problem using technology. But what kind of problem?

Some of them solve real problems, like transportation problem, professional networking, accommodation, and trading.

But some of them just like making problem to be solved by them. Like maybe, application to meet friend nearby, application to find mates, application to do anything for you, application to measure your clothes, to take your laundry, etc.

Is that all necessary? Actually, not so important since there is Facebook where you can befriend with all people, and every dry cleaning company around you have its own delivery service. Application to find mates? Like Tinder isn't enough? Application to do anything for you, becoming assistant? You have your hands, foot, mouth, and of course smartphone and smart human brains.

Go take your coffee. People often misunderstand start-up as a cool- company, suits with young and open-minded person. Taking coffee every morning, wearing shirt, jeans, Vans, Adidas, all you name it. Considering coffee as a requirement to be it boys and girls in the city. So hipster.

Having bigger salary than conventional company, going to bar/BBQ restaurant, playing billiard every Friday night. Thinking that working in general governmental sector is ashamed. Start-up is the best for young millenial generation they said. But what kind of start-up? Usually the good, necessary start-up employees won't think like that.

Usually, those who work in unnecessary start-up will think like that. Being cool millenial. In Indonesia, it is called by term "kekinian". And that sucks.

Because there are many useless, unnecessary start-up, collapse before 5 years. Not maintaning investor's fund in a good way. To much spending in event, promotion, and unimportant activities such as outbond. Not to mention hanging out with all employees, outing in very expensive places.

Working is supposed to be an activity for living, for actualizing yourself and your idea. And start-up should sell a real idea and product, who will simplify people's life. If not, then, say hello to bubble!

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